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River Point Centre

BHF maintains two Intake/Outreach offices at the River Point Centre (RPC). Strategically located in Winnipeg's North Point Douglas neighborhood, BHF is equipped to provide services and support to adults facing challenges with addiction and co-occurring mental health, pre and post-treatment. In addition, the Intake/Outreach Workers offer individual and group counselling to those following their residential treatment stays with BHF, as well as to those awaiting entry into either the Men's, Women's and Family Treatment Services or the Breezy Point women's program

The River Point Centre is a multi-use facility managed by Manitoba Housing. In addition to the intake/outreach services offered by BHF, the Addiction Foundation of Manitoba and Main Street Project provide residential and other addiction-related services out of this facility, located at 149 Magnus Avenue.

OutFront Newsletter

OutFront is published by BHF three times a year. Its goal is to provide timely and relevant information regarding the services, programs, positive outcomes, and general business of the organization. Each issue contains information on topics such as treatment philosophy, outcomes, upcoming events, success stories, etc.

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