About BHF

Our History

Behavioural Health Foundation (BHF) has roots dating back to 1967, as Canada’s first residential treatment facility for families. BHF continues to honour the tradition of providing a safe and structured environment for holistic addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment services.

Our Objectives

The objectives of our programs include:

  • Elimination of dependency on the use of substances.
  • Fostering a positive self-image and identity.
  • Developing work skills and work habits necessary for obtaining employment or entrance
    to an educational institution.
  • Integrating the individual back into the community as a productive member of society.
  • Enabling families to function as healthy, nurturing units,
  • Providing parents with an understanding of their children’s development and the effect of the parent’s behaviours on their children,
  • Fostering self-confidence in the adults assuming their role as parent,
  • Enabling the children to work through their own conflicts as it relates to their family situation, thereby effecting positive changes in behaviour.