Clinical Services

The Clinical Services component of the Behavioural Health Foundation provides consultation and training to all BHF programs staff as well as individual and family assessment/therapy to residents and their families.

Therapy, Assessments & Consultations

BHF’s clinical therapists provide direct mental health services to residents. This includes individual, group, family and couple’s therapy. In an effort to address systemic challenges, therapy services were not only provided for residents of BHF, but also for the children of residents. Additionally, a therapy dog program was initiated with the cooperation of St. John’s Ambulance, which provides a specially trained dog to attend BHF and provide residents with therapeutic animal contact.

In addition to therapy and assessments with individuals, the Clinical Therapists and Psychiatric Nurses provide consultation to treatment staff regarding co-occurring  mental health disorders, treatment planning, crisis situations, and referrals with complex mental health needs. The Clinical Therapists and Nurses also provide training to BHF staff on variety of subjects


The BHF Psychiatric Nurses monitors the medication use of all residents and networks with local pharmacies and physician to ensure that residents’ medication needs are being met. The nurse also provides consultation to residents and staff regarding on-going physical and mental health needs. The BHF Psychiatric nurses continued the relationship with Fort Gary Access Primary Care Centre, as well as with Public Health Services for residents requiring prenatal and postnatal care. The nurses also connected with the Co-occurring Disorder clinic at Health Sciences Center which helps to provide continuity of care for those residents requiring ongoing psychiatric attention. In addition, the nurses train staff in overdose response, including the use of Naloxone, should that be necessary .