Information for Donors

Donations in support of the Behavioural Health Foundation

The Behavioural Health Foundation (BHF) provides long term bed based programming for adults experiencing substance use and co-occuring mental health issues. Adults and families are accommodated in our facilities with an on site K-6 classroom and day care.

BHF programs encompass social and economic factors behind addictions and mental health with adult education in partnership with MITT and employment development programming. Returning to the community with employability skills creates better opportunities for long term success.

The Traditional Grounds at BHF are home to the Indigenous Program where residents and community members can heal in a culturally safe environment. Sweats, Ceremonies and Teachings are shared with those seeking Traditional Healing.

BHF could not maintain the level of care provided without the support of the community. Contract funding does not cover the cost of daily care, and BHF goes far beyond treatment to provide wholistic healing that addresses not only substance use and mental health but also the social and economic barriers that lead to less healthy coping strategies.

Your financial and in kind donations help over 200 people seek treatment each year, in one of very few places where they can attend with their children. BHF is a charity registered with CRA and can provide receipts for eligible donations. If you have any questions about donation receipts, please reach out to Crystal or Marla or call us at 204 269 3430.

Donations of in-kind items are used in several ways at BHF to maximize the benefit and reduce waste in the community. They support the healing work at BHF and support families as they move forward in their lives. Our priority is to make the best use of gifts to benefit those in BHF programs. Offers of in kind donations are greatly appreciated. Storage and capacity to accept them is sometimes limited and we invite you to call and discuss the gift with us. Pick up can be provided. Some donated items are used for additional fundraising efforts. Sometimes we share with partner organizations who can make better use of the gift and are working with families in need as well.

The team is always happy to work with you to determine how best to use your gift. Please let us know if you require any further information about our donation program or policy. We are happy to answer your questions, and once again we thank you sincerely for considering a gift to the Behavioural Health Foundation.