Purpose and Mission Statement


BHF is an internationally accredited, provincially licensed, substance use and co-occurring mental health treatment agency.  BHF programs are accredited under the category of Behavioural Health.

BHF provides long term residential programming for men, women, adolescents and family units experiencing substance use and co-occurring problems in a trauma-informed, client-centred environment.  The program is designed to offer graduated opportunities for equipping a person with the vocational, intellectual and communicative skills necessary for successful reintegration into society. Dependents of these persons are also accommodated both in residence and in program.

As the world is neither young nor old, male nor female, parent nor child, BHF allows for a mix of persons to enter residential programming.  The program is distinctive to the individual’s needs, but communal in setting to allow for peer influence.

The focus is on substance use and co-occurring problems   Emphasis is placed on environment, peer group, family relationships, work habits, attitudes and values.  The program assists the individual in identifying and dealing with areas of concern.


To provide quality behavioural health services of a wholistic nature to men, women and dependent children leading to personal and family wellness in areas of education, employment, health and family values.

The ongoing fulfillment of this mission will reduce the harm to individuals and family units that is caused by the misuse of substances, other addictive behaviours, and co-occurring mental health concerns.